Saturday 28 September, 2013

साहित्यकार अशोक लव से प्रकाश भागवत का साक्षात्कार

' रेडियो द्वारका ' की ओर  से श्री अनुराग सिंह ने मेरा साक्षात्कार करने का निर्णय लिया . उनके पत्रकार श्री प्रशांत भागवत ओर अभिनव मेरे निवास पर सितंबर को साक्षात्कार लेने आए थे. इस लिंक पर जाकर साक्षात्कार को सुना जा सकता है. अचानक बिना किसी तैयारी के यह साक्षात्कार हुआ है.

Thursday 26 September, 2013

Sukh-Dukh Ke Saathee : Kavi Sammelan and Annual Day

Dr Ashok Lav (centre) presided Kavi-Sammellan

‘Sukh Dukh Ke Sathee’Sanstha, an association of senior citizens dedicated for social cause, celebrated its Annual Day with full gusto in Community Hall of Chitrakoot Apartments in Sector-22, Dwarka (Delhi). On this occasion, President of the Sanstha, Vijay Shanker Singh elucidated aims and objectives of the Sansthaand impressed upon need of the time to live in harmony with mutual co-operation.General Secretary of the Sanstha Shri Shashi Kant Kapoor gave account of the activities of social welfare carried out by the Sansthaduring past one year and the Vice President Capt S.S. Mann elaborated the future plans. Chief Guest of the function Shri Jagmohan Mishra, Member Telecom Board and Ex-officio Secretary of the Government of India expressed immense pleasure on performance of the Sanstsha.Col P.C. Chaudhary, Jt. Secretary delivered vote of thanks.Convener of the programme D.C. Mathur conveyed special thanks for the help rendered by State Bank of India, Sector-23, Dwarka, for organizing this programme.

‘Kavi Sammelan’ was also organised by the Sanstha on this occasion, with the help of ‘Society for Creatives’. The secretary of Hindi Academy Delhi, Dr.Hari Suman Bisht, who himself is a renowned poet and writer, was the chief guest in this poetic meet where as Mr. Rajesh Gehlot, Chairman Standing Committee SDMC, participated as a guest of honour. Dr. Ashok Lav, a well-known writer, who has written more than a 100 books in Hindi, read poems from his books, and summed up the meet with his comments on the poets, in his presidential address. Dr Shabana Nazir and Ashok Verma famous for their ghazals as well as Satya Dev Haryanvi, the famous humorous poet, recited various creations in their characteristic styles and earned appreciation of the audience.Dr Kirti Kale conducted the programme and recited poems with her melodious voice,

The highlight of the event was the release of a poetry book  , ज़िंदगी मेरी नज़र में and a video Punjabee album  याद तेरी आई of Virendra Kumar Mansotra by the Chief Guest. Prem Bihari Mishra’s rendition of his meaning-laden poems in a musical way provoked prolonged applause. Around a dozen poets attended the meet and presented their works: amongst them were Dr.Prasannanshu of the National Law University, Suresh Yadav, Anil Upadhyay, Anurag Ranjan Singh, Col Prem Chand Choudaryand Kulvinder Singh Kang. The TV Channel ‘DD India’ of Doordarshan will telecast copious glimpses of this poetry meet on 4th October 2013 at 11.00 a.m., 18.30 p.m. and 02.00 am (next day) in the programme ‘Yours Truly’. 
The enthusiastic reception meted out by the residents of Dwarka was heartening: the poetry meet extended late into the night, well into the vicinity of midnight, but the audience of more than 200 who attended the function constantly applauded and listened with rapt attention till the very end.

It only shows the receptiveness of the literature-loving public of Dwarka: let us hope that this initiative continues, and Dwarka, known for many good things becomes centre of literature and culture, too. Shri Rajesh Gehlot and Secretary of Hindi Academy, Dr.Bisht , both on their part pledged support for the continuance of such literary events.Poetry-loving Dwarkites certainly look forward to many more similar cultural opportunities.[ DWARKA PARICHAY --25th September 2013 ]