Fumbling with words,

Sitting by myself,

Observing the world around,

People pass by,

Of different shades & design,

No one seems the usual kind,

All unique& just fine,

& then again,

They all seem the same…

Everythings wonderful

All is colourful,

Y then I see the world in

Only Black & white,

To me its always dark & bright,

Ugly & fine,

Wrong & right,

Then Y the colour grey,

Leaves me in dismay.

Y cant I just close my eyes

& enjoy all datz gud

all datz bad…

Y cant I take the world as it is,

I know am insane!!


Oh com’on !!

Am coming on terms with Life,

Being unreal,

It should be so much easier to deal

With the world,

My! Itz so complicated,

Mystified…am a little surprised,

Words no longer come naturally…

Something takes me years back…

Still in school,

I was twelve,

Riding my bicycle

Was racing with kids…

didnt know how..

But I had to win

I knew I will

& minutes later

there I was …

leading them all…

that’s How I was born…

I lived on…

& something got wrong,
I don’t fit in,

Am tangled with all..

Am cought in the trap…

O I never wanted to be cruel ,

Am just being me..

& this is how it turns out to be..

am confused

am elated

& this is my paradise

my bliss

this is my gift..

this is what I created all these years…

from here ..I take on...

being a day dreamer

at times I block out reality

but in actuality,

am still that girl,

who on an evening ,

came running to her dad,

she laughed &, laughed again

She is happy,

Be it the sun or the rain ,

Things always make sense..

What I write here,s is pure nonsense…

Poetry-good or bad has been my essence.