Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

माई ट्वीट्स / अशोक लव

  1. See the movie "THE COVE" and save Japanese Dolphins. A noble cause.
  2. Mohyal youth Camp is from 2nd to 4th October at Dehradoon. Waiting for all of you.
  3. Matter sent to press for September issue of Mohyal Mitter.
  4. " Jinnah - India, Partition, Independence " - Ghost of Jinnah is very strong Mr Jaswant! He got you expelled.
  5. chunav kya hare apne hee ghar ke tinke-tinke bikherne men lag gaye.no ideologies, no coomittment, only sattaa, kursee. vah rajneeti!
  6. write a book on controversial topics, give interviews on tv , forget all ideologies, your book will sell like hot cake .Maujan hee Maujan!
  7. "If you can't sing just recite the lines of a song / poem and see the effect."-Ashok Lav
  8. Actor SRK was detained at US airport. They followed their rules. If someone don't like , don't go there. Indian TV channels are cashing it.

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