Sunday, 2 June, 2013

Senior Citizens Elevated Poetic Path / Prem Bihari Mishra

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathee”, a socio-cultural association of senior citizens, conducted a “Kavya Sandhya” on 19 May in Sector-4,Dwarka, New Delhi. on the behest of Lions Club.The programme was organized and conducted by Hindi poet Prem Bihari Mishra. “Kavya Sandhya” was presided by Dr. Ashok Lav, a legendary author of more than 100 books and recipient of about sixty honours and awards.
Narrating background of the programme, Shri Mishra informed that “Sukh Dukh Ke Sathee” have taken up a new mission of its own kind. There is lot of poetic talent in the society which goes unnoticed and unexposed in absence of a suitable platform..“Sukh Dukh Ke Sathee” have decided to explore, organize and support such talent by holding fortnightly kaya goshthees. The inaugural kavya sandhya  was organized in the in Dwarka Sector-22 on 28th April presided by Dr Ashok Lav.The chief guest was renowned litterateur and international educationist Dr. Harish Naval. 
Shri Mishra  informed that Dr. Ashok Lav has rendered his full support in this venture. We are fortunate that many literary icons have joined us. He expressed hope that more and more people and social organizations will join hands to strengthen this noble service of Hindi literature. 
The “Kavya Sandhyas” were set off with a melodious ‘Saraswati Vandana’ of Shri Prem Bihari Mishra.
 Dr. Ashok Lav presented very emotional poems from his published collection “Ladkiyan Chhuna Chahti Hain Asman”. Tears could be seen in many eyes when he recited ‘Prawasee putr-putrian’. Magical effect of the melodious creations of  Ghazal writer Ashok Verma “tere shareer ke lafzon men kuchh ghumao sa hai”, “resha resha tutati hai maan subah se sham tak” etc, “sach se na karnaa gurez”, “achanak kalam haath se gir gayaa” of Dr. Shabana Nazir and “pahle kuchh apnon se ladna padta hai” of Dheeraj Chauhan, could be clearly seen. 
The poems of Prem Bihari Mishra ‘kalpit se sparsh matr ne’, and ‘Maan tujhe pranam’ were admired by the audience with continuous loud clapping. 
Poems “tere shahar ke bazar mere gaon ne sajae hain” of Sudha Sinha,
 “yadi mujhmen itnee aag na hotee” of Anil Upadhyay and panjabee poem “maan naal vadaa rishtaa nahin vekhyaa” of Virender Mansotra were vastly applauded by the audience.

 Sarcastic and humorous poems of Satyadev Harivanwi, Vinod Bansal ,Kulwinder Singh Kang and Dhruv Kumar filled the house with laughter. Poems of  Dr. Prasannanshu,Dr Prabodh Kumar and  Col PC Chowdhary were also admirable.Dr Sneh Sudha Naval's poems were appreciated by all.
Everybody present in the programme felt delighted with heart touching illustration of the Chief Guest Dr. Harish Naval about affection and selfless sacrifice of parents so also his poem ‘ek hote the babuj aur ek hua karti thi amma’. He also presented an impressive review of the poems presented by all the poets.
Dr. Ashok Lav, who presided the programme, said in his concluding address that Shri Prem Bihari Mishra has given start to a praise worthy endeavour and we are with him in his noble mission. President of “Sukh Dukh Ke Sathee”
Shri Vijay Shanker Singh said in the end that we will continue with such programmes and conveyed thanks to Dr Ashok Lav , Dr Harish Naval ,poets , audience and especially Shri Prem Bihari Mishra for his initiative.

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