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Dr. Ashok Lav(Delhi) is a noted Hindi language author and poet[1].

Works and honours

A recipient of numerous awards related to Hindi literature, including the Eklavya award, his more well known works include:

  • Shikhron se aage (novel- literally, "Beyond peaks")
  • Anubhootiyon ki aahaten (collection of poems,literally, "The approaching footsteps of sensations")
  • Larhkiyan Choonaa Chahtee Hain Aasmaan (collections of poems- literally, "Girls want to touch the sky")
  • Phulvaree (songs for children- literally, "A garden of flowers")
  • Band darvaazon par dastaken (short stories- literally, "Knocking on locked doors")
  • Salaam Dilli (short stories- literally, "A salute to Delhi")
  • Pathron se bandhe pankh (short stories- literally, "Feathers tied to stones")
  • Khidkiyon Par Tange Log (short stories(ed)-literally,"People Hanged on Windows"

His book Hindi ke Pratinidhi Saahityakaaron se Saakshaatkaar, a collection of interviews with writers representative of Hindi literature, was released by the Vice President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma on February 9, 1990.[2]

Personal life

Dr. Lav belongs to the Mohyal community, usually more noted for its tradition of military service. Besides being a writer, he is also the Managing Director of an IT firm.[citation needed] He also is the editor of the Hindi section of the Mohyal community magazine, the Mohyal Mitter since July 1987.


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  2. ^ Dr. Lav honoured with The Eklavya Award

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