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मेरे विद्यार्थी की मेल : अतीत की यादें

Dear Sir,
I sent this poetry out to many of my school friends and here is what I felt about it...
I got many calls from friends in India with questions...
I hope you like my expressions of the times I spent in class as a student and how I felt at that point of time..I am sure many other students also shared similar thoughts.. Bachpana tha sir, kya karein ...

Sandip Bhatia..--- On Sun, 11/2/08, Sunny B wrote:
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Dear Friends,For the recent few months I have been in constant interaction with my school friends and some teachers too and in one of those i met up with up Mr. Ashok Kumar Lav who taught me Hindi for a good 3 years. Here below is one of the latest poems in hindi written by our teacher Mr. Ashok Kumar Lav who taught hindi in The Air Force School. Today he is a very renowned poet and has achieved high esteem for himself and made our school and all of us his students very proud of him and also ourselves to have been his students. I am very lucky to have received this from him and want to share this with all my friends. Hope you all like it? I am sure you will.... I did!!
गिलहरियाँ / *अशोक लव
नन्हीं गिलहरियाँ pedon से उतरकर आ जाती हैं नीचे / उठा लेती हैं छोटी- छोटी उँगलियों से बिखरे दाने।/ टुक-टुक काटती खाती हैं/ टुकर-टुकर तकती हैं ,/लजा जाती है उनकी चंचलता के /कौंधती बिजलियाँ झाडियों में दुबकी बिल्ली/ झट से झपटती है /चट से चढ़ जाती है
हैं / पेड़ों पर गिलहरियाँ /खूब चिढाती हैं /; खिसियाई बिल्ली गर्दन नीचे किए/ खिसक जाती //की ओर बढ़ा देता हूँ मित्रता का हाथ ,/देना चाहता हूँ उढेल स्नेह ,/बहुत भली होती हैं /
पास आकर भाग जाती हैं गिलहरियाँ।
blog_(अशोक लव) ___________________________________________________________________
I did because of the deapth in it!! This poem took me back to my childhood in अरावली lodge
e where he looked after me and it reminded me of the school days when he used to teach us while walking up and down the class room reciting a poem from the book and explaining the meaning. And we used to sit there listening to him and sometime casually looking out side the windows gazing far beyond the trees at the slow moving traffic on the Dhaula Kuan road going towards the Gopinath Bazaar and also wondering when the class was going to finish while looking at the squirrels running around with so much freedom on top of the trees...and then suddenly hearing someone calling out my name loud "Sandip, kahaan dekh rahe hai, kuch phar likh liya karo exams mein fail ho jayoge nahin toh tumhare nanaji bahut naraaz ho jayeinge." Then I broke my gaze from those squirrels and looked at him in silence and again wondered "maine aisa kya paap kar diya hai yaar jo itna gussa ho rahe ho." Those were the silly days when we didn't realize the value of all this because it was sheer fun and entertainment that we looked for in the classes and beyond that......Now you see where this short poem of his took me in memory least 28 yrs back when I was in class 8th in 1980. WOW!!! "Mann bhi kitna chanchal hota hai yaaroan, yeh na left na right dekhta hai, bass apni hi rahoan mein nikal jaata hai aur kahaan tak challe jaatta hai. Kyuon dostoan mujhe lagta hai maine aap sab ki kuch yaadein taaza kar di hain. I am sure many of you have been through this and know exactly what went by in my mind??" Love and regards,Sandip BhatiaP।S Please feel free to go and vist his blog to read more of these poems....and know more about him...
They are wonderful....Sunny Bhai...+66816275407Bangkok..

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